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audience id

Leverage our first party mobile carrier data to build predictive segmentations of customers.

market id

Market ID is the only insights tool that takes advantage of first-party mobile carrier data to identify your best trade areas.

pinpoint your best customer

Audience ID uncovers distinct patterns in the way a people think. We analyze trends in app installs, usage, and browsing data to reveal the unique mentality and personality of individuals. We then append demographic, behavioral, and web data to identify trends and build custom audiences for your brand.

our method discovers:
our best customer model

Leverage insights about your highest-value customer to build a model that reaches new customers with the same digital DNA.


Competitive analysis provides strategic insights to help you acquire new, qualified customers direct from the competition.


Hyper-focused customer insights let you deliver the right message at the right time to the customer who has the greatest propensity to purchase.

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mapping mobile data to your success

Market ID discovers the most profitable real estate locations for brands. We identify your most valuable customer and then model their DNA into the mobile universe to find look-a-likes. Markets are identified and scored by areas with the highest density of people with the same “mobile DNA”. This uncovers the best markets, down to the block, to expand your brand presence.

our proprietary method identifies:
zip code score

Top locations are scored by zip code, layering Pinsight’s first-party mobile data with premium third-party data sources.

trade area score

Identify high-value trade areas to pinpoint the best development opportunities for your brand.

mobile catchment

Create custom catchment areas that are defined by the actual mobile movement of your best customers, taking into consideration barriers of entry such as geographic or developmental obstructions.

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