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Pinsight Named a Top 20 Ad Network for Fraud Protection
// Mary Sloss - November 20, 2017

Ad fraud continues to be a key topic for the industry and a major concern among mobile marketers, particularly as it relates to key performance metrics and analytics. There’s no industry standard nor method to measure transparency, making it difficult to identify and eliminate faulty performance analytics. Moreover, many third-party sources treat fraud prevention as a luxury versus a standard feature, placing the burden to detect fraud on marketers.

While there is still an industry need for collaboration to address the issues in reporting and transparency, there are actions marketers and advertisers can take to ensure better performance and trusty analytics. It starts with a deeper understanding about existing ad networks and fraud research. In an effort to help marketers identify which networks keep their ad dollars safest, Singular – a leading mobile analytics platform – released “The Singular Fraud Index.” This new report highlights which ad networks drive significant volume to marketers while keeping mobile fraud rates well-below the industry average.

We’re honored to be one of the many companies recognized by Singular in the report. Our gold standard in privacy provides transparency with mobile users, giving them the choice and control over how their data is used. We extend this practice with all our clients and partners, ensuring better quality, accuracy and performance.

Access the entire report here.