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STUDY: Using Mobile Data to Decode the Hispanic Millennial
// Mary Sloss - June 6, 2017

Millennials come with a lot of baggage. Older generations such as Baby Boomers often unfairly lump this generation together, using phrases like “The Trophy Generation” or the “‘Me First’ Generation” to describe Millennials. Despite whatever the seed of resentment may be, Millennials are the second largest consumer group in the U.S.

Truth is, the difference between an 18-year-old Millennial and a 30-something Millennial is night and day. While at times they may share social influences and attributes, it is very rare that ubiquitous stereotypes apply across the entire generation.

Millennials are not only extremely varied in age, but also in culture and race. They're the most diverse generation in the history of the U.S., with Hispanics making up the largest share of the minority groups. Most audience segments continue to lump all Millennials together, diluting the marketing message and its ability to inspire action with Hispanic Millennial consumers.

Pinsight sought to identify just how different the Hispanic Millennial is behind the lock screen, providing global brands and marketers a competitive edge to break language barriers, harness cultural differences, and connect with the Hispanic Millennial in the most meaningful way.

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