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STUDY: Mobile’s Insight into Understanding Subscription Box Consumers
// Stephen Shaffer - September 15, 2017

Today, subscription box services are the name of the game in mail-order marketing. As of March 2016, over 2,000 box services existed in the United States alone. At its essence, subscription boxes are a discovery platform. A simple, effective marketing tool that feels like a luxury service at an affordable price. But by its very nature, it’s a reactive industry. Most brands that successfully enter the space see a runway of profitability until an unexpected market shift or consumer trend stunts growth.

The problem can be traced to a simple-yet-deep fact: there’s very little data. Most brands collect personal data on consumers, but there is minimal foresight into consumer or market trends. A slight shift in consumer thought can cause a subscription box brand to fall out in a matter of months.

What if sub box brands had an asset that allowed them to be at the cusp of consumer trends, rather than consistently following? Utilizing insights derived from our carrier-level data, we performed a mobile deep dive on the customer base of one of the leading beauty box services to gain a better perspective on the demographic and psychographic makeup of their best customers.

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