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Recapturing Your Youth: Reaching CPG Consumers via Mobile
// Stephen Shaffer - July 11, 2017

While consumers at large increasingly rely on e-commerce as their primary source for retail goods, the consumer packaged goods (CPG) industry remains deeply rooted in brick-and-mortar. It’s an understood reality in the CPG world. Consumers favor shopping for groceries and home goods in-store for a variety of reasons. People want to touch, feel and smell products before they commit to a purchase. Another leading factor is impulsivity. Items like snacks, beverages and over-the-counter convenience products rely on being top-of-mind when consumers have the intent to purchase.

Mobile is often thought as a delivery mechanism for CPG marketers, but it’s an even greater asset of first-party data. The “always on” nature of the smartphone puts brands and marketers in the pocket of every consumer, tracking the buying journey both online and in store. It’s actionable insights with precision and scale.

We worked with a leading international CPG snack brand to develop a deeper understanding of their customers' interests, behaviors and mobile movement.

What we discovered is that many of the brand’s best customers didn’t fall within their expected demographic. Our mobile intelligence found that 45-year-old males were the third-highest indexing audience. At face value, it’s a surprising conclusion. However, it aligns with recent research indicating individuals — both men and women — in the 45-60 age bracket have a desire to recapture their youth through clothing, products and events that connect with their younger selves.

Through mobile insights, it’s possible to not only identify the actionable attributes of your best customers, but also discover audiences you didn’t know you should be reaching. It’s a finding that can only be accessed through the persistency of the mobile device.

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