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Project Destiny: A Marriage of Out of Home Advertising and Telco Data
// Matt Habiger - September 6, 2017

Have you ever wondered how advertisers decide whether they should advertise on a billboard? How do they know if they are reaching the right audience? The current state of the art leaves a lot to be desired for outdoor advertisers and operators, who currently rely on small panel studies and census data. They are continually looking for ways to modernize their offerings in order to remain relevant in today’s digital world.

With routes and impressions driving outdoor media spend, we realized there was an opportunity to leverage our network-sourced location data to transform the industry. We turn over 20 billion raw location records per day into over 1 billion miles of routes traveled. We then layer our verified, first-party demographic and mobile behavioral data with millions of points of interest to not only count cars, but also get in the passenger seat. Our insights help outdoor advertisers and operators understand who is inside each car, revealing how commuters and passengers think, act and move in and out of home.

And at the 2017 Dataworks Summit hosted by Hortonworks, our data scientists gave attendees a glimpse into how we drive attribution; view the video here.