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Make Money with Emojis
// Dayna Moon - August 23, 2016

We all love emojis and brands are taking notice. From Twitter’s recent announcement that ads can be targeted by emoji to Corona’s new emoji strategy, major brands want to get in on the emoji action.

At Pinsight, we have a new, unique offering that leapfrogs the basic branded emoji. We are proud to announce the official launch of the Karmies Interactive Emoji Keyboard. This industry-first content platform turns these visual delights into interactive mobile ad units. The Karmies keyboard gives mobile users a new way to engage with emojis, and it lets brands and publishers make money with emojis.

How? Behind the emoji, advertisers can include unique offers and advertisements, custom call-to-actions, location details, and event promotions. From the front-end, a user simply clicks on the Karmies emoji, which reveals the unique content behind it.

Watch the demo below to see how it works:

Karmies Emojis

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