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STUDY: Inaccurate Gender Data Limits Scale
// Matt Habiger - March 6, 2017

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Global marketers have relied on key demographics to develop, create and execute media campaigns. While the accuracy of certain demographic data sets remains strong, the scarcity of certain demographic data creates gaps in the connection between brands and consumers; specifically, as it relates to gender.

In January, we found that inaccuracies in age data limit precision targeting. And now, we put gender to the test, finding that roughly 75 percent of ad requests on various mobile ad exchanges do not contain this key demographic.

Yet mobile ad exchanges are built on a foundation of demographic data as it is often the first input to build target audiences.

It’s important for marketers to understand that not all data is created equal. The software that fuels programmatic ad buying can’t fix the data if it is broken. This begs the question: if the data inputs are faulty or void, how can you ensure the quality of the data you use is sufficient?

"When It Comes to Gender, Size Does Matter: Mobile Demographic Data Provides Scale” uncovers the challenge marketers face due to the lack of gender information on ad requests. This study also discusses the opportunity to better predict gender and scale audiences using verified, first-party mobile data sourced straight from a carrier network.

Download the full report