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Study: New report reveals dramatic gap in demographic data across mobile ad exchange
// Matt Habiger - January 11, 2017

“Guess My Age: Age Discrepancies Across Ad Exchanges”

Nearly every media campaign starts with a basic foundation of demographic data, which is generally sourced from either third-party, user-entered, survey, social, or census data. Often this information is dated, implied or too broad. Inaccuracies in simple demographic data build upon each other, resulting in limited reach and wasted ad spend.

While mobile programmatic ad buying continues to grow, campaign success remains relatively flat due to data overload. In 2017, the performance of the data will become the central theme as it must gain on the promise. This begs the question: is the accuracy, freshness, and dimension of the data you are using sufficient?

A discussion surrounding the quality of data is necessary as you approach your campaign, ensuring that the intelligence behind it is in fact the ground truth.

We analyzed age information submitted via ad requests across mobile ad exchanges, and the findings identified significant inconsistencies when compared to the verified, first-party data we source straight from the network. If you can’t be confident in the age data you are getting, what does that imply about the other data you are leveraging from that same source?

“Guess My Age: Age Discrepancies Across Ad Exchanges” shows the challenge with ad requests containing either an assumed age or no age, as well as the opportunity to better predict and model ages based on verified, first-party mobile data.