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Access Pinsight Personas on The Trade Desk
// Francisco Quiroga - November 2, 2016

We’re proud to announce that our predefined audiences, Pinsight Personas, are now available on The Trade Desk.

How We're Different:

Our data scientists use a proprietary method to build these predefined audiences, which results in smarter audience targeting to maximize spend and minimize waste. We combine verified, first-party mobile data with mobile web, app and location data to understand the persistent behaviors of a brand’s best customer, pinpointing those who have the highest propensity to respond.

How It Works: Bringing Our Personas to Life

Behavioral Data

Our network-level data provides deep behavioral insights and affinities of a brand’s best customer. This “always-on” mobile data let us see behaviors across the consumer’s entire device activity, providing a complete view of the user. For example, our Health & Fitness Enthusiasts are built from a combination of behaviors, such as frequency and recency of health and fitness sites visited (i.e. GNC), social activities and interests such as running clubs, and more.

Persistent Location Data

We see an average of 260 location events per user per day. To build our traveler personas, we pinpoint the type of traveler based on the velocity at which someone travels from one market to the next, and we identify day of the week traveled. Leisure Travelers are those who travel outside of the home market, typically over a weekend, for five days or more. Travel is also heavily concentrated around peak travel seasons, like the holidays, and while on the trip, travel patterns are more varied.

Verified First-Party Data

To open a new account with a mobile carrier, customers must show a valid ID and proof of address to confirm their credit rating, while also verifying age, gender and address. Unlike others who determine age based on non-verified, user-entered data, we validate age, giving you confidence in those you are targeting.

For a full list of Pinsight Personas and details about custom audiences available on The Trade Desk, contact