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Don’t settle for basic audience segments. Pinsight is the leading source of audiences built upon carrier-level first party mobile data. What’s that mean? We’re always on. A 24/7 in-depth view of your target audience that’s as fresh and fluid as their minute-by-minute behavior. From verified demographics to custom audiences, be confident you’re reaching your best customers.

Peak Audiences Start with Premium Inputs

If you want to target based on real people, you start with mobile data at the carrier-level. While others infer behavior and location based on thousands, we analyze the app usage, mobile web behavior, and persistent location of tens of millions of users every day to reveal the authentic mindsets of consumers.

Insights-Driven Development

Pinsight's industry-leading data science team utilizes machine learning and predictive models to develop audiences that accurately reflect the genuine behaviors of consumers. Audience algorithms are continually optimized to match real-time trends, resulting in peak performance and maximum ROI.

what we offer

Account-level verified demographic data ensures you’re reaching your intended audience. Target by gender, age, income, and ethnic affiliation.


Our interest-based Pinsight Personas are built on actual web and app usage to reflect the authentic behaviors and affinities of mobile consumers.

custom audiences

Looking for something more? Go beyond audience segments. Combine demographic, behavioral, and third-party sources to create custom personas tailored to your campaign. Contact us to learn more.

where to buy

Activating couldn’t be easier. Our carrier-based audiences are available through a syndicate of leading buying platforms.

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